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Learning TypeScript 2.x

Second Edition

A Packt Publishing book by Remo H. Jansen

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About the book

This book is a end-to-end guide to TypeScript 2.x and its entire ecosystem. You will start off by understanding the TypeScript type system, the runtime, functions, asynchronous programing, decorators and much more with the help of practical examples. Following this, you will learn about both the object-oriented programming and functional programming paradigms as well as both frontend development, with React and Angular, and backend development, with Node.js and Express. Finally, you will learn how to use some of the most popular tools in the TypeScript ecosystem such as Webpack, npm and Visual Studio Code. By the end of this book, you will have learned enough to build a fullstack TypeScript web application from scratch.

1. Introducing TypeScript

Get familiar with the TypeScript basics. This chapter explores the purpose, main features and benefits of the TypeScript programming language.

2. Working with types

Learn how to make the most out of the TypeScript type annotations and its type inference system. This chapter will teach you how to use poweful features such as union types or mapped types.

3. Working with functions

Learn how to work with functions in depth. This chapter will teach you how to take advantage of the power of functions and asynchronous programming in TypeScript.

4. Object-Oriented Programming with TypeScript

Learn the core concepts of the Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) paradigm such as polymorphism, inheritance or encapsulation. This chapter also explores some OOP best practices such as the SOLID principles.

5. Working with dependencies

Learn how to work with application dependencies and third party dependencies as well as type definitions. This chapter explores multiple module systems such as CommonJS or ES6 modules and concepts like dependency injection.

6. Understanding the runtime

Learn how the JavaScript runtime works and gain a good understanding of concepts such as the event loop, closures and hoisting.

7. Functional Programming with TypeScript

Learn the core building blocks of the functional programing paradigm, including concepts such as function composition, function partial application and referential transparency.

8. Working with decorators

Learn how to apply and declare decorators and how to use the decorators to create and read metadata that can be used to power tools such as testing frameworks or inversion of control containers.

Chapter 9. Automating your development workflow

Learn how to automate certain task of your development workflow and reduce the number of integration issues using tools such as TsLint, Webpack, Gulp and npm scripts.

10. Back-end development with Node.js and TypeScript

Learn how to develop RESTful APIs powered by Node.js and TypeScript.

11. Front-end development with Angular and TypeScript

Learn how to develop single-page web applications powered by Angular and TypeScript.

12. Front-end development with React and TypeScript

Learn how to develop single-page web applications powered by React and TypeScript.

13. Application performance

Learn how the availability of system resources can affect the performance of a TypeScript application and how to use the Node.js inspector and the Chrome Development tools to analyze the performance of a TypeScript application.

14. Application testing

Learn how to implement automated tests like unit tests or end-to-end test powered by tools such as Mocha, Chai, Sinon, Supertest and Karma.

15. The TypeScript language services

Learn how to leverage the TypeScript language services to create your own development tools.

About Remo H. Jansen

Remo H. Jansen is a Microsoft MVP, fullstack JavaScript and TypeScript engineer, open source contributor, entrepreneur, technology lover, gamer, and Internet enthusiast. Remo is originally from Seville, Spain, but currently lives in Dublin, Ireland, where he works as the CEO of Wolk Software Limited.

Remo is the author of InversifyJS (an open source inversion of control container for TypeScript) and has been working on large-scale JavaScript applications for over a decade, from flight booking engines to investment management solutions. Remo is an active member of the TypeScript community, he is organizer of the Dublin TypeScript and Dublin Open Source meetups.

Remo has worked on other Packt Publishing titles:

- Hands-on functional programminf with TypeScript, Author, 2019, ISBN 9781788831437
- TypeScript: Modern JavaScript Development, Co-Author, 2016, ISBN 9781787289086
- Learning TypeScript, Author, 2015, ISBN 9781783985548
- Mastering TypeScript, Technical reviewer, 2015, ISBN 9781784399665

More from Remo:


"This is an amazing book not to mention the only one that covers the latest version of typescript. It goes beyond typescript and explains many important concept in object-oriented programming and JavaScript"

"I am a senior JavaScript developer and developed in actionscript 3 for many years so typing was not something new to me, but I was still able to pick up a lot of good information such as generators reflection and more!"

"Don"t walk but run and get this book! TypeScript is without a doubt the future of JavaScript. You will learn how to bring structure to Javascript to ease your development with making large scale applications"

"The author wastes no time introducing the core features of TypeScript to automating your workflow with automation tools. Any javascript developer would benefit from this book"

"WOW! I picked this book up using my Packt subscription and can"t put it down. The material flows and is easy to follow along with, I never used Typescript before but found it EXTREMELY USEFUL in web application development"

"The book deserves five stars because it pre-much covers everything. I"m sure this book is going to pick up an audience"

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Exploit the features of TypeScript to develop and maintain captivating web applications with ease.


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